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What Ladies N Gents Is All About

Aug 23

As soon as you enter Ladies 'n' Gents Spa, you will immediately feel comfortable.

It takes a lot of confidence to have a gorgeous appearance. As a consequence, our opulent spas in New York City and Long Island, New York, provide a tranquil setting laced with Middle Eastern influences. To help you get the look you've always desired, hair colorists, hair stylists, masseuses, laser hair techs, and estheticians are all on hand.

After receiving treatment at Ladies n Gents Spa, our clients feel flawless as they depart the land of grandeur and loyalty. We have been in the hairstyling industry for more than ten years, therefore we are aware of how crucial it is to treat each client like a VIP. At Ladies n Gents Spa, we consider luxury to be a way of life rather than a mental condition.


Services For Skin And Body Care Are Our Specialty Services For Hair And Nail Care

Various hairstyles for both men and women
Our stylists will make sure you receive what you want. Make a time slot right away for a haircut you've never tried.


How To Get Your Hair Dyed Any Color You Want

With the appropriate products, you may attain any color, from blonde to brown. The Ladies 'n' Gents Spa offers the best hair coloring services in New York City and Long Island.


Laser Hair Removal Is A Possibility

Make an appointment right away to get unwanted hair removed from your legs, face, underarms, back, or any other area of your body.



Our team of professionals will perform a microdermabrasion facial on you, leaving you feeling and looking amazing. You may book your next face appointment whenever you'd like in the Long Island or New York City regions.


If you're seeking for a hair removal treatment that lasts longer than three or four days, Waxing Ladies 'n' Gents Spa provides professional waxing services.


Microblading For Eyebrow Creation

Daily brow maintenance as part of your cosmetic routine is challenging and time-consuming. After reading this, you'll be happy you chose our professionals for their top-notch microblading services.


Nail Care And pedicures

Is there any woman who doesn't enjoy getting their nails and feet done? Please do so if you wish to join us. Ladies N Gents Spa offers moderately priced manicures and pedicures at any time.


Therapies Using The Body, Like Massage

You work really hard every day, therefore you should be allowed to unwind. The sooner you book a massage with one of our skilled masseuses, the higher the likelihood that you'll have an unwinding and stress-relieving session.